Energy Services

We focus on high-tech and high value sector in the Marine and Oil & Gas industry to reclaim and lengthen the asset life cycle of our clients and strengthening their business model with a goal to become environmental sustainable.

Mencast Energy Services take pride to providing custom-designed environment and energy solutions to our clients. Under our strong environmental championship, we work with clients to deliver green programmes to minimise environmental impacts. Our services include chemical decontamination of exhumes, semi-robotic oil tank de-sludging, Air-Fin cooling cleaning, Tank Tower hydro-cleaning, Ultra High Pressure hydro cleaning, furnace decoking and pigging, and Heat-Exchange re-tubing.

We are among the few in the market to possess high technological and mobile decontaminating plants, comprising a localised feed system for the contaminated material, dry and liquid reagent storage, metering and weigh transfer equipment, process mixers, dust control and product transfer, and all which housed within a twenty foot container for ease of mobility of disposal.

Through our stabilisation processes, we provide physically and chemically encapsulate wastes prior to landfill disposal. This valued service will cease the potential release of hazardous constituents from the waste.

We design and launch carbon footprint initiatives for our clients to manage their carbon output, bringing benefits of lengthening their factory life-span for effective capital expenditure recovery.